Carbs Calender for 2007

The renowned photographer Bobby Sievert and I have collaborated on a limited edition calender for 2007.

This time it is not about your favourite fruits. It is about your favourite food compound: carbohydrates. Sexy Carbohydrates! Everyone loves carbs and so do we.

Have a look at a couple of our monthly carbs after the jump.

mmmh chocolate milk

mmmh sauerei!

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

8 thoughts on “Carbs Calender for 2007”

  1. there is also the english word “penished”.
    let me use this in a sentence: He got penished.

  2. so you are the penisher! the clan decyphered the flemisher. walk two blocks and wait for the team. yo penisher grab my clock 2-22 chome – erase some homies. welcome to hell – like meshed petetoes. disguntled but 100% fries. plus green on the scene. shhhh! push-grab-rupture! nowe what?

  3. thank you for this bloodfeast at Laila today, it was superbe, only thinking of Nancy´s legs. God.

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