A Woman in Trouble

Inland Empire, the new movie by David Lynch has its theatrical premiere in New York and LA in the coming weeks. The 1 minute trailer to the entirely shot on digital video, 3 hour movie is finally online, though it does not work for me on the film’s official site. Try youtube.

According to Lynch, “it’s about a woman in trouble, and it’s a mystery, and that’s about all I want to say about it”. And that’s all I want to know about the film before I see it. I’m hoping for a total mind-bender.
Anyway, as the film is distributed by Lynch himself, I don’t know when the Toronto premiere will be. Hopefully soon.

via papermag:
“One of the first things he (Lynch) did to promote it was cause wild traffic on Sunset Boulevard by sitting out there with a real cow and a sign petitioning an Oscar Nomination for Laura Dern, who indeed gives the performance of her life. Another sign read: “˜WITHOUT CHEESE THERE WOULDN”™T BE AN INLAND EMPIRE.”™ When Variety Magazine asked him why, he replied: “œI ate a lot of cheese during the making of Inland Empire.”
(more pictures of Lynch and cow on Sunset Boulevard)

Thanks Domaine D’or.

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5 thoughts on “A Woman in Trouble”

  1. 3 hour movie, woman in trouble and mystery sounds totally like a description of mullholland drive. i have to watch it!

    maybe there could be some inland empire weeks at produzentin, where we could discuss and hopefully solve the mystery together…

  2. The IFC bulletin board compared it to Eraserhead as though he was returning to that style of filmmaking or something. (They made it seem very Bunuel.) I don’t know, when I read that a director is “returning” to his previous successes, I get antsy… but I’m still looking forward to seeing it and I also enjoy Laura Dern. (Uma Thurman is the poor man’s Laura Dern by the way.)

    And as for a wider release, Lynch will be self-distributing it in North America.

  3. By the way, I can’t believe you’re posting about David Lynch and not the new Mel Gibson movie!

  4. nancy, or you could do a math quiz relating to the movie, that would be great! it could be unsolvable.

    I have a confession to make: I have never seen Eraserhead.
    Please, don’t judge.
    I just mentioned Apocalypto in the last post, but you are right, I should devote a full post. The movie had real tapir balls. That deserves a mention!

  5. There’s an article in the paper today that David Lynch will come to Toronto in March to present the movie at the Cinematheque. It’s not 100% yet though!

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