Showstudio has tons of Gareth Pugh, including his fashion shows. Love them (minus the S&M connotations).
And there is his Make-Up-Athon (quicktime, youtube). I want the gold star face.

In case you all wondered, who is this Gareth Pugh and why is produzentin blogging about him? Well, this should cast away your doubts: Kylie wears some Pugh on her Homecoming tour, looking increasingly like Mel & Kim:

Kylie in Pugh as Mel & Kim
Respectable (via)

And maybe in 20 years, Kylie will sport a Limahl hairdo.

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

5 thoughts on “Pugh-Athon”

  1. hmm, blattgold make up. gute idee, eigentlich. vielleicht eine option für sylvester…

    es erinnert mich auch an einen alten prodi post

  2. I love this Katz&Goldt Witz, old people are such fun! Old people with Limahl hair = double extra fun

  3. Gareth Pugh is so very likeable. I love his private videos on showstudio.
    But I don´t like to see Kylie wearing Pugh, where´s the weirdness gone? she should wear a mask.

  4. schwabach is near nürnberg. yes, we should go there and finally meet barbara balo lorenz, or die goldmarie von schwabach, as she is fondly called. afterwards we could visit the world famous nürnberger x-kindl markt.

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