Recently (and soon)

After I crawled out of the stove, I knew I had to get my shit together. I made myself this cute little present: A pink record box for my vinyl. Finally, after all those years, I don’t have to look like a bag lady anymore.

As you can see in the picture, I tried to stick my Mariah magnets to the box. I tried to Mimi-mize it. Somehow, they fell down all the time, didn’t stick. Dunno why. Must be something in the plastic.

I am usually not such a big fan of double 12″ singles. The new one by The Brand New Heavies is different. Love the cover (below on the left). The remixes are great, especially the Kenny Dope Dub. And there are mixes by Tom Moulton on the so called OG side.

You can see me working the pink box at:
Saturday, December 9, Hotnuts at The Beaver, Toronto
Sunday, December 31, S, Frankfurt. For the New Year’s Eve party, Viola and me are djing. It has been a while since we djed together, so I’m excited.

The Pink Box

Went to a Stephen Prina concert last night. He played a cover version of It’s Too Late accompanied by his acoustic guitar. I only knew the house version of the song and thought it is classic. He told me later, the original is by Carole King. I got my education.

Yoko Ono is releasing a new album next February. It has the wonderful title “Yes, I’m A Witch”, which is also the name of a song on her 1974 album “A Story” (the album got its first proper release in the 90ties). Yoko chose the artists she wanted to work with, gave them access to her back catalogue and provided them with the vocals, etc. So, this is more like a remix/duets kind of album. (via)

Saw a Barbara Walters special on TV. They showed short snippets of interviews she did in the last 30 years.
Barbara Walters: If you had to describe Bette Davis in 5 words?
Bette Davis: I am just too much.
(Update: On youtube, at the very end of the clip.)

My mother called me today and said: Du wirst es nicht glauben, Dein Vater hat eine halbe Sau beim Preisskat gewonnen. (You won’t believe it, your father won half a pig in a card game tournament.)

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2 thoughts on “Recently (and soon)”

  1. Halbes Schwein im Preisskat gewonnen, da ist so toll, da kriegt man warme Heimatgefühle, oder, Prodi? gell? ned?
    Wann kommst du endlich wieder, ich denk, das Geld is alle?

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