November Hotnuts

Yesterday’s Hotnuts was part of the Taafi drag strip. There were amazing performances by Vaginal Creme Davis (which I sadly missed, because I didn’t make it to the Gladstone), Gartina (my favourite), Donnarama and Keith Cole. There are tons of pictures this time. It was gayaos.

Vaginal Creme Davis, Anna Piaggi’s and my make-up by the lovely Margot, who got intimate with Keith Cole. NSFW pic after the jump.

My balloon top by Anthony. Best ever.

Kevin and Brad
dj’s dead cops and Brad as Anna Piaggi

Before the party
Getting started

Assistant and Gartina
Gartina performs, assistant on the run

Donnarama performs. She loved those Big Macs.

Oliver and Chris
Oliver and Chris, Keith Cole performs on the bar

with Gartina
With Gartina in front of the Beaver

Who's wearing my wig?
Jen, so cute

More cuteness: Karen

On the bar
Anna Piaggi on the bar

Vag and I
with Vaginal Creme Davis

Anthony and Marc
Who’s lipstick is it?

Full frontal
Margot, smoking on the patio

After last call
Still dancing after last call

Me and Owen
Me and Owen, wearing Anthony’s sweater

Frank and Oliver
Frank and Oliver

On the patio
Meredith, me, Robert

Oliver, Anthony, Will
Chillaxing after the doors closed

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

10 thoughts on “November Hotnuts”

  1. that balloon top rocks the world! you mustve felt as if youre floating on ait – not being able to see the ground you walk on…

  2. i am a bit jealous of oliver, since i also want to pet this cute pie frank’s belly. can i be a part of your holy family?

  3. It seems my drunk/evil twin sister made an appearance at Hotnuts. Thankfully I wasn’t there…I would’ve been frighteningly embarrassed.

    p.s. Does anyone know how to remove a hand-print from your ass?

  4. h.: It was a natural high!
    ant: why not use an iron-on sticker as a cover? that would be hot.
    nancy, I’m sure he would let you rub it and yell: All hail, Ms. Bear Germany!

  5. You kill ass very much, you lovely hot Prodisendin!! We see that you are really like total familiar with the place. I likie. Wet. You. I want Frank. Very soon. Whats wrong with the penis? Just hanging around, I don´t like (very).
    Before the party the picture reminds me of my yout. Space invaders. In a place called Hickmann. Altbierbowle, Hasch und Schmerztabletten. Anschließend in den Teich springen, voll mit Modder in die christliche Teestube, Butterbrote essen. Es war sehr gut. Aber bei euch auch!

  6. I am looking at your pictures when I should be working on my work. Why do you do this to me always? I have canker sores from too many hot nutz!

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