My Autumn Charts

It seems I am more comfortable with posting my DJ charts every season/quarter instead of every month. What do you think?
Sometimes I have a small crisis, thinking that there are not enough NEW deep house or house records. But then, it is just me and it looks like I haven’t done my homework. No time to worry, listen to the top 3 on the chart and everything is alright.

Also, the next Hotnuts party is this Saturday, I’ll post the details later.
Please go to Movin’ Records myspace and listen to She’s Crazy. She’s Gaga.

  1. Mo.Ca feat. Michelle Weeks – Nobody (Scream Club Mix) – Coffee Killer
    This has to be the most hysterical house song in a very long time. Michelle Weeks is the best, she belts it out like no other: I ain’t got nobody! The structure of the song is a bit similar to Be Thankful. Found the record through Tony Humphries charts. Listen to a sample.
  2. Roland Clark – Sunshine (Ron Trent Vocal Mix) – Need 2 Soul
    Roland Clark – God Is Good (DJ Spen Main Mix) – Soul Heaven
    Roland Clark double trouble. Sunshine has such an incredibly deep house sound. Listen to this gem at the Need 2 Soul myspace site. Further into the song Roland’s falsetto changes to his deeper voice. So good. Und diese tollen Flächen.
    If you want to go to church, listen to God Is Good (DJ Spen Main Mix). Another hit.
  3. Byron Stingily – Hate Won’t Change Me (Shelter Vocal) – Un-Restricted Access
    Again, wonderful vocals. I’m kind of out of words after #1 and 2.
  4. Kamar – I Need You (50% Dub) – Madhouse Records
    This is a song from 1994 which I found at a second hand record store a few weeks ago. The original is produced by Kerri Chandler and this remix takes it over the top. Very hysterical intro.
  5. Arthur Russell – Springfield (DFA Remix) – Audika
    I can sit on metal steps.
  6. Grampa – She’s Crazy (Yahya Insane Mix) – Movin’ Records
    She’s gaga. She’s crazy. Vocals by Kerri Chandler’s dad on my favourite old school house label. I like to pitch it up when I play it. Faster. Maybe I want this as my theme song.
  7. Cassy – Night To Remember (from the My Auntie EP) – Perlon
    Is this minimal already? Dunno. Lovin’ the somehow detached vocals.
    (via chantilly bass)
  8. Badly Drawn Boy – Nothing’s Gonna Change Your Mind (Hot Chip Mix) – EMI
    For those melancholic autumn hours. Listen.
  9. Justus Köhncke feat. Eric D. Clark – An Ounce Of Memories (Vocal Version) – Firm
    Listen at firm records’ or Justus Köhncke’s myspace page. Dreamy. Charmy.
  10. Kerri Chandler & Monique Bingham – In The Morning (Lost Love Dub) – Bigga Sounds
    The Final Raw Mix on the A side is a bit softer and features vocals by Monique. Love the dub.
  11. Aaron-Carl – Sky (AC’s Resurrection Mix) – Wallshaker
    Still waiting for the vinyl. Get the mp3 at Aaron’s Wallshaker label.
  12. Pelle Boi – Robert Schmidt am Telefon (from the I’m A Popperschwein EP) – Kritik
    Robert Smith on The Phone. For that Cure flavour. Very Lullaby off of Disintegration. Anzuhören bei LaManie.
  13. Brooks – Pre – Mantis
  14. Kate Bush – King Of The Mountain (Radioslave Mix) – One-sided 12″
    The wind is whistling through the house.
  15. Pink Skull – Unicorn Harpoon – Tonearm
    Sounds like alien voices to me. I’ll always adore that.

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