Come to the Sugarshack

I am very excited about our upcoming event.
It’s Sugarshack time at The Power Plant.
So, mark your calendars and get ready for maple sweetness. Please.

Anthony designed another dress for me and he is sewing away night and day at our little sweat shop. I can’t wait to wear the dress at Sugarshack. Anthony is doing such wonderful things…

Anyway, here are the details:


Thursday, November 2nd, 8pm – 11pm
The Power Plant
231 Queens Quay West

djs produzentin and Will Munro
Sugarshack by Oliver Husain
Performance by Bojana

In New England, Quebec and extreme eastern Ontario, the processing of maple syrup has become part of the culture, and city folk often go to the sugarshacks (cabane à sucre) in late autumn, where rustic drinks are served with maple syrup-based products, house and disco music. For this occasion, lifesize models of these sugarshacks are set up. Thick maple syrup flavoured liquor is served with live serbian singing, drag queens and special effects.
Owing to the sugar maple tree’s predominance in south-eastern Canada, its leaf has come to symbolize the country, and is depicted on its flag.

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Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

5 thoughts on “Come to the Sugarshack”

  1. hallo,
    wahhhhhhhnsinn wieder, unglaublich, meine lieblingsseite.

    also, ich muss das hier als fremdmedium nutzen, denn weiss
    einer was über die tolle show, die claus der richter in
    bietigheim-bissingen (meiner geburtsstadt nämlich) macht?

    wir sind alle schon ganz aufgeheizt und monsieur richter hält
    sich bedeckt. das wird die übershow und wir wollen hin.
    also, infos heiss begehrt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    bitte melden!


    from the city of fashion

  2. das protektje acktundert eintragen wurde gestoppt.

    produ, schnell das interview schicken fürs buchen!!!!!!!

    800 einträge, ca va.

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