The Tiny Pony and Me (tiny)

On my trip to Dildo I saw this turbo cute pony eating away its lunch on a front yard. I wanted to get my picture with the little bugger immediately. My stylists rang the doorbell of the owners. Sure enough they happily agreed to the quick photo shoot.

Now, back in Toronto, I’m a bit sad because I forgot the name of my tiny friend.

Always hungry, just like me
Friendly. Always eating. Just like me.

Wanted to bite my hand
Surprised. The pony wanted to bite my hand.
It made very sudden head movements. I had to be extremely careful.

Happy. Hugging the pony. What a catch.

Angry shit
Angry. I had to wash my shoes off of the pony excrements.

At the Dildo Interpretation Centre
One Day in Dildo
On the Discovery Trail

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

7 thoughts on “The Tiny Pony and Me (tiny)”

  1. es sieht so lustig aus, dass der süße klein timmy die ganze zeit während dem shooting unbeeindruckt weiterfrisst und dich gar nicht beachtet. toll! er wollte dich bestimmt nicht aus gemeinheit in die hand beissen, sondern nur mal kosten.


  2. Who dressed up that pony to look like you?

    Just kidding. Seriously though, tie him up to a fucking velvet carriage and run him into the ground going from event to event making grand entrances wearing tiny little golden booties and a pony-tail knotted on the side.

    SugarShack is coming up, non?

  3. Kyle, I am so happy you finally figured the comments out.
    Come with me on my Timmy ride. Please. We’re going to have a blast. Isn’t he a bit of a ginger, too?

  4. i think the pony’s name was boner….like mike seaver’s friend on growing pains.

    you wanted to ride your little boner all day but he kept biting your tits.

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