At Home with Courtney Love

This is the best TV home story since Mariah’s MTV Cribs. The Return of Courtney Love aired on the UK channel More4. These are the first 5 minutes only, but it is soooo good. I love her. Can’t wait for the full show.

“I have tried it all. I have been a Christian, I have been a Catholic, I’ve been totally New Age, I’ve been Episcopelian, I’ve tried Scientology, you know (…) I find that Buddhism is the most amazing, transcendent path of enlightment for me. It absolutely works. (…) You sit at your altar and you chant. And the cool thing is: you chant for shit that you want – and you get it.
These are certain things that I chant for (reads from paper):
Perfect home
Perfact man
Stay sober
Help for certain friends … mmmh … in Hollywood
Movie by July 1st
Lindsay … Lohan and Kate Moss, I chant for them
Having a baby with the perfect man who treats me well
Horses, dogs, cats”

Courtney Chanting

Larry has a Mariah Number of 2

1. And I Don’t Love You by Smokey Robinson was jointly remixed by Larry Levan and Benny Medina
2. Benny Medina is Mariah’s current manager

I wasn’t aware that Benny Medina was a remixer. This is exciting.
Sometimes I think everyone is connected to Mariah.

The Larry Levan & Benny Medina remix is available at disco delivery.
Thanks for the insights. Love it.
Black and white rainbows, colourful shadows…

Reality or Concept, Robin Williams and Larry Levan at the Paradise Garage

Auf Wiedersehen

I have a love / hate relationship with Project Runway. The US TV series where Heidi Klum tries to find the best designer. Of course every week, one designer gets thrown out.

I especially love the great one liners. Heidi’s are a bit nerve wrecking as she repeats them each and every week. Over and over. Her “Auf Wiedersehen” makes me cringe. But I love it. Hate it. Love it.

It would be fantastic if Nadja Auermann hosted the show. She is my favourite German model. Ever. Maybe she would say “Tschüss“. Umlauts are very apropos in North America. She would know.

“As you know, in fashion, one day you’re in and the next day you’re out.”
Heidi Klum

“I think I’m going to shoot you for ELLE.”
Nina Garcia, Elle Magazine fashion director and one of the judges on the show

“It’s triple L Y. Last Year. Last Year. Last Year.”
Michael Kors, fashion designer and judge

“Auf Wiedersehen.”
Heidi Klum

Watch Heidi say Auf Wiedersehen.
(To a model not a designer, I couldn’t find a better clip)

In Canada, the Life Network TV channel decided to have the show a few weeks behind the US air date. Which is too bad, as I can’t read fourfour’s current screencaps anymore. Oh well, here is a link to the episode I saw last Monday.

Think I’m In Love II

In case you missed Think I’m In Love on Beck’s myspace, here it is again.
His new album, The Information is out next week and I like it a lot.

Beck is going to be in Toronto on October 16. I’m so going.

Last night, I listened to Graffiti Bridge by Prince for the first time in years. I think it is one of the worst Prince songs. I really enjoyed listening:

Everybody wants 2 find Graffiti Bridge
Something 2 believe in, a reason 2 believe that there’s a heaven above
Everybody wants 2 find Graffiti Bridge
Everybody’s looking 4
Everybody’s looking 4
Everybody’s looking 4 love

Think Love

The Tiny Pony and Me (tiny)

On my trip to Dildo I saw this turbo cute pony eating away its lunch on a front yard. I wanted to get my picture with the little bugger immediately. My stylists rang the doorbell of the owners. Sure enough they happily agreed to the quick photo shoot.

Now, back in Toronto, I’m a bit sad because I forgot the name of my tiny friend.

Always hungry, just like me
Friendly. Always eating. Just like me.

Wanted to bite my hand
Surprised. The pony wanted to bite my hand.
It made very sudden head movements. I had to be extremely careful.

Happy. Hugging the pony. What a catch.

Angry shit
Angry. I had to wash my shoes off of the pony excrements.

At the Dildo Interpretation Centre
One Day in Dildo
On the Discovery Trail

Someone For The Man

I became a Scissor Sisters fan when I heard their single Electrobix, the gay gayness anthem, which didn’t make it on the first album. Then, before their debut album was released, I discovered the demo album. It was very pop, had great synths, danceable beats. Some of the best dance tracks didn’t make it to the final release and I wondered why.

Two of my favourite demo songs are Someone To Touch and Step Aside For The Man. Did they sample the beats or was it their own programming? Only recently I found out that Step Aside For The Man samples So Many Men So Little Time by Miquel Brown (via). Can someone tell me if the Scissor Sisters used a sample for Someone To Touch?

Hurry, download the two songs and tell me. xoxo.

I just came back to the Scissor Sisters because the demo album is still the best.
I really tried to listen to their latest, Ta-Dah.


I always thought ads should be as blunt as this. Straight to the point. I know you might say: We are already there. But I think: Not yet. The ads on tv are still not as good as the ad for Kissable, a lipstick in the movie Boomerang.
It has a lot of things I love: bananas, cherries, lipstick, icecream. It can be that simple! (thanks Toffi for the link)

Nelson introduces it with: “It is sexational.”

Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss me once, kiss me twice
Oooh, oh la la, c’est si bon

Up & Down



In & Out