My Nose Is Open Wide

I know, this is really old news.
BUT I just love the Morris Brown song & video by Outkast so much.

The video has it all: colored dogs, a marching band in the back of the car, roller coaster rides, flower faces, little people with tv heads. I want to live in this wonderland, NOW. And I am in love with the voice of Scar, the singer crooning the refrain. His debut album, Scar’d for life, should be out by the end of this year.

My heart is like a marching band
I’m a fan in the stands
Yes I am and I’m hollerin’ hey baby

My nose is open so wide (so wide, yeah)
Lookin’ at you such a pretty sight (so wide, yeah)

Still, I haven’t seen the movie Idlewild.

flower me happy

koi effect?

I love me them pink dogs

wau. wow.

rindin' in the cadillac

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

2 thoughts on “My Nose Is Open Wide”

  1. Sweety, i have an little cute loft in my hometown Dildo. ( I have kept this secret forever, but i am not born in beverlyhills )

    I was born and raised there !

    You should SOO chekc out the little diner, called buttplug. The just make the most faboulos warm choclate tarts !!!

    well, enjoy my heartfull hometown DILDO…

    Love, Kirsty

    ps. the pink stockings are gorgeous !

  2. There is no diner called buttplug. You filthy. You doesn’t knows where them names Dildo comes from.
    Wet kisses,

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