Happy Hotnuts

Here are some of the best Hotnuts that showed up at the party last Saturday. I felt so spoiled as Anthony made this wonderful dress for me (holter wedgy style), although he was the birthday boy of the evening.

Thanks to Zsa Zsa, who did my make-up.

On the patio
Happy Hotnuts

Someone took out the trash
Right before we went to the Beaver

It must be 17 years old
It and me

It, doing a trick
Rollerskating It

The diamonds of Zsa Zsa and Gwen (remix)

She got some hair, too
With Lucky Barbra

B&B action
Becky and Brad on the patio

You should see the suit
The birthday boy is getting some tongue action

David trying to convince me. But I was still thinking about the stripper I’m in love with since two weeks. This time it’s serious.

Zsa Zsa and Anthony getting it on. Who is skinny divine?

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

5 thoughts on “Happy Hotnuts”

  1. oh mi god! and to think i had sprained ankle during all of that fabby social intercourse!! We lot like real noix chaude!

  2. it’s such a pity that i couldn’t be there. 😦 happy birthday anthony!!! although i can’t really see it on these pictures, i am convinced that this bernhard shirt looks great on you.
    i wish i was back in canada…


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