My Adventure With Mimi

Last night I attended my first Mariah concert ever. Of course I feel it was one of the best concerts I ever saw. What did you expect? Overall, she seemed so happy, cracked jokes and was just in a fantastic mood. Mariah’s voice is so good in concert. It was out of control!

My favourite moments were:

  • The opening video, were Mariah talks about life being like a roller coaster. In the beginning this is accompanied by images of a roller coaster. After she says that she found strength and peace, we could see Mariah flying through clouds. Amazing. I wish I could provide a video clip. For now, enjoy the audio.
  • Mariah started the show with It’s Like That. The slightly remixed version of the song and the fact that I saw her in concert for the very first time brought tears to my eyes. Honestly.
  • During Vision of Love, Mariah stopped the song and said something like: “Sorry, Toronto, I have to stop the song. I hope you forgive me. But there is a hole in the stage the size of a stiletto heel and we don’t want anyone to fall. Can someone please fix it?” And crew member came out and did just that.
  • Mariah performed a short a capella version of Close My Eyes, which I mistook for Petals (which I secretly hoped she would perform) for a second. Close My Eyes gave me goosebumps, it was so good:

    And though time’s rolled by
    Still I feel like that child
    As I look at the moon
    Maybe I grew up a little too soon

  • Butterfly-shaped confetti came out at the end of We Belong Together and during the Butterfly outro

Butterfly setlist
My friends found the setlist for the Toronto show. Click to read.

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