Montreal Nights

La Lady M

Toffi and me crawled out of the Sommerloch by taking a trip to Montreal. After the long party weekend I think that maybe Montreal is Canada’s Ibiza. Although, I have never been to Ibiza.

Our days on the island started with a bit of sightseeing, followed by a disco nap and in the evenings we went to the Gay Pride festivities (they call it “Divers/Cité” over there, please excuse my french). On Saturday, we saw Amanda Lepore and Lady Miss Kier perform at Sexgarage 2. Amanda sang 2 songs. And a third one as an a cappella.

Next up was Lady Miss Kier, who I am still in love with. She sang some Deee-lite hits and a few new demos, of which I liked her cover of George Clinton’s Bullet Proof best. I was just a little sad, that she didn’t sing I Had A Dream I Was Falling Through A Hole In The Ozone Layer. But I loved it when she changed the lyrics to What Is Love to How do you say – disgusting?

After their shows, we had the chance to say hi to the Ladies.
We were smitten.

Montreal is a little bit smaller than Toronto, but not when it comes to male strip clubs. There are 5 or 6 or more. Our favourite one was Stock Bar, which just re-opened after a fire 3 months ago. The place was packed on Sunday night. They had a catwalk stage with a pole at the front and a second stage, consisting of a shower with psychedelic light effects. Phil Collins sang I can feel it coming in the air tonight when the stripper got wet under the shower.

Miss Lepore

Toffi and Miss Kier

Amanda and Toffi

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3 thoughts on “Montreal Nights”

  1. I still can’t believe that this remake / cover version was released on the Westend Records label. The video has its moments, though.

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