Summer Slump

Sommerloch, that’s it.

To cool me down my bf bought me an iced cappucino. As I came home quite late last night, he put the crushed iced coffee in the freezer.
This morning I needed the chillatte so badly, the heatwave had struck me tired. So I get the coffee out of the freezer and it is just too cold, freezing cold. Ice. It froze to ice. I couldn’t suck it with a straw. It was stuck in the cup. Such a big mess. Ein Riesenschlamassel.
I wanted to go back to bed and sleep the whole day. My iced latte was ice. I couldn’t drink it. Hell had frozen over.

Toffi came to help me. He stabbed the coffee ice with the straw. Slowly but surely, the ice turned into puree again. Just how it’s supposed to be. Ready to be slurped. And that’s what I did. Slurped it all up.

I’m a whole new person now.

slurp me.

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

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