Biz and the Jets

I just found this wonderful rendition of Bennie and the Jets by my man Biz Markie. It’s from Chris Rock Show a few years back. Biz does everything right during his performance and is on the floor at the end. Just look at his Mariah-like arm and hand gesture. This is pure joy and I was in tears after I watched it for the first time.

There is another version of Bennie by Biz Markie on the Beastie Boys Greatest Hits, The Sounds of Silence. It sounds like a live version, but the claps and audience might have been added in the studio, just as Elton John did it on the original. Anyway, it is kind of hilarious as he forgets the lyrics and babbles along.

If you haven’t seen any of the old school Biz Markie videos, there are plenty on youtube. My all time favourites are Let Me Turn You On and Just A Friend.

B B B B B Bennie!
Bennie And The Jets

Let Me Help You
His twirls and curls are perfect in Let Me Turn You On

Adorable Biz
Just A Friend


SexyBack by Justin, (I love Cake and Ice Cream)
I’m not sure how I feel about it. I like the cheesy samples. Yeah. Aaaahhh. Yes. JT has some off the hook filters on his voice. In German, teen magazine Bravo would say schräge Filter). This is always a good thing.

Lo-Fi-Fnk – Wake Up (Justus Köhncke Remix)
(hps has great selections, this time re-re-directed by the super Chantilly Bass)
Love it. This is my favourite Justus mix since Hot Chip’s Over and Over.

So Spring 2007

I am back in Toronto for today. Later tonight, friends will take us to a cottage north of Toronto. There will be a beautiful lake (which I don’t know the name of) and lots of bbq and sausage fun.

Below are the pictures I will think about all weekend.

I love the Bernhard Willhelm mens collection for Spring/Summer 2007. These are just two of my favourite outfits. And I need the polka dot shawl with knickerbockers. NOW! (more pictures, registration req. for full quality)

And then there is the painted by Mariah butterfly dog for the charity auction of the Aspen Filmfest (via). Very fetch!

Willhelm Spring 2007

It's spring, again!

Mariah’s Dog

Bark for Mariah

At Moraine Lake

produzentin is on holidays in the breathtaking Canadian Rockies.

Yesterday, Superschum, H. and I took a canoe trip on the deep-teal colored, glacier-fed waters of Moraine Lake. When we rented the boat, the lady said, that I didn’t need a life vest, my cushions were big enough! I love her.

Moraine Lake is set in the Valley of Ten Peaks and for me, it is the jewel of the Rockies. I even sipped the ice cold water, it felt like drinking from a fountain of youth.

produzentin loves nature
I love Moraine Lake

hey ya
Superschum and me, working the lake

Mesmerized by the sunshine

Summer Charts

I have to take a short break from the What produzentin eats theme week as I go on a holiday for a couple of days. I probably will have some very relaxing pictures later this week.

But first, here are my summer charts and another Larry Levan remix for your mp3 collection. I downloaded a mix of Winners by Manfriday in June. After a few listens I really wanted to have the vinyl of the song, so I orderd a copy on ebay. It turns out, the version on the official release is totally different, sounding more like a cheap 80ties dance track. Soon I found out, that this Larry Levan demo mix is only available on a bootleg 12 inch and on a japanese compilation CD. I still have to track down either of them. Anyway, enjoy.

They don’t seem to love you more
When you’re winning
They don’t seem to love you
Nobody really wants you
When your loosing
They don’t really love you

Winners – loosers
What’s the good side of you

Oh, the World Cup has arrived at my crib. Superschum and H. are staying over for a few nights and they brought this adorable Nutella ball. I love it so much, guess my diet has to wait. Schum and H. made me watch my first World Cup game from start to finish, Germany vs. Argentina. I’m in love with Odo now (this was easy, right?). Make sure to read his A-Z.

sweet things

  1. Fox N’ Wolf – Claws Against Knives (Todd Terje Remix) – Kitsune
    This is my summer hit. Squeaky vocals and bubbling beats. I wanted to post the song but I am afraid the lovely guys from Kitsune might sue my little ass. It’s on the Kitsune Maison 2 compilation. Here samples of the song here and here. Wow.
  2. Jamie Lidell – When I Come Back Around (Freeform Reform) – Warp
    This is from his Multiply Additions remix album. After all the Jamie – Prince comparisons he finally gets a Prince beat in the mix: Raspberry Beret provides a perfect backdrop for the song.
  3. Man Friday – Winners (Larry Levan Demo Mix)
  4. Kirk Franklin – Looking For You – Gospocentric
    I heard it first on the radio but didn’t know who it was. I wanted to have this song so badly as it re-sings the hook from Patrice Rushen’s disco classic Haven’t You Heard. Then I found it at fourfour.
  5. Jimpster feat. Diamondancer – A Love Like This – Freerange
    This sounds like part 2 of Delano Smith feat. Diamondancer – A Message For The DJ (Jimpsters Red Light Remix). Diamondancer sings/reads her lyrics above the forward grooving Jimpster beats. Listen.
  6. Peaches – Downtown – XL Recordings
    I haven’t figuered out which Prince beat she is sampling. Sounds a bit like Vanity 6 or Apollonia 6.
  7. Lisa Shaw – Let It Ride (Speakeasy Remix) – Naked Music
  8. Snax And Ianeq – Fill Me Up (M.A.N.D.Y. Edit) – Get Physical
  9. Christian Rottler – Feuer – Freundinnen
    The song finally sees the light of day, I had the promo version for a while now and I still like the original singer-songwriter version best. The remixes are more in the electro vein. Listen to more Christian Rottler songs on his homepage.
  10. Only Freak feat. Rasiyah – Can’t Get Away (From Your Love) (Solid Groove Remix) – Freerange