Road Trip: Niagara Falls, Part III

Annie Taylor became the first person to survive a trip down Niagara Falls in a barrel. Almost 105 years later, Nancy and I wanted to be like her. So we got our asses into a barrel and took a deep breath. We got a Polaroid taken, dried our clothes after the successful plunge and went back to Toronto.

There was nothing left to do after all the excitement.
Complete satisfaction.

Going down the falls. Looking increasingly like The Muppets.

Lovely flowers.

Now, back to the car, hurry.

Back in the car
Totally working my Kirstie Alley as Fat Actress look.

Road Trip: Niagara Falls, Part II
Road Trip: Niagara Falls, Part I

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

3 thoughts on “Road Trip: Niagara Falls, Part III”

    and better do not try to run for cover with my look sweety, since I AM the only fat chick in the business !

    the necklace is gourgeous though, where did u get it from ?

  2. ach was fuer eine herrliche themenwoche! ich habe erst jetzt gelegenheit wieder bei der prodi reinzuschauen, weil ich grad im totalen touristress in westkanada bin. ich schreibe grade aus einem grocery store aus jasper, alberta und ich glaube, die anderen kunden beobachten mich…


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