Road Trip: Niagara Falls, Part I

After our short stop at Tim Hortons, Nancy and me arrived at the Niagara Falls. This is the first part of our day trip to the honeymoon capital of the world. Although I had seen the falls before I was as taken away by their beauty as Nancy.

All photos by Gates of Schimbulak.

Tomorrow, part II: Nancy, me and the tourists

We were stunned

We took a quick rest to talk about the breathtaking falls

Blown away by the falls

Just posing

Oh yes, we love them falls
You won’t believe how beautiful the falls are

More pictures after the jump.

High heels
Step up, child


Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

5 thoughts on “Road Trip: Niagara Falls, Part I”

  1. this looks so refreshing !!
    cosima is in berlin so jim, george and me we try to survive in the incredibly hot and humid cologne
    jim & george learned to jump in the bathtub on their own it is always half-full with cold water

  2. meine liebe,
    hatte noch nie das bedürfnis nach kanada zu fahren…
    bis ich die bilder an den niagarafällen sah.
    du siehst einfach sensationell aus!!!!!
    mir fehlen die worte.
    das kann doch nicht nur die luft sein…?
    so märchenhaft.
    deine erscheinung…
    und das in der “mode diaspora”
    big kiss.

  3. lieber a,
    komm vorbei und wir machen eine riesentour!
    ich bin so froh, dass ich dich überzeugen konnte, darling.

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