produzentin cuisine: Walnut Cake

I love tasty little snacks. And these adorable walnut cakes are on top of my list. They are a korean speciality. Two shops in Toronto’s Korea town produce and sell the stuffed nuts. I can’t decide which filling is best, red bean paste and walnut is very delicous but so is mashed potato with walnut or almond. Ahhhh, I have them all anyway!

I was told they were once a delicacy at the Korean royal court and became wildly popular all over Korea.
Treat yourself like a queen and get a walnut cake.

More walnut cake fun:
Watch the walnut cake machine in action
Get chestnut, pumkin and maple molds for the machine

walnut heaven

try them all

on bloor st. w.

Author: produzentin

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3 thoughts on “produzentin cuisine: Walnut Cake”

  1. oh, erwischt. aber ab und zu muss ich mir was gönnen und auf der anderen seite bin ich zur zeit sehr vernarrt in früchte, da kommt bald ein eintrag dazu…

  2. die maschine ist absolut WOW. einmal die woche ist absolut OK finde ich, vielleicht auch zwei oder dreimal…

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