produzentin cuisine: Rappers and Poppers

Fill Me Up!

I am so happy that food week has won the poll, because I love my little treats. For that very special occasion, I got this juicy produzentin logo. Get ready for the sausage fest.

All you haters step back: produzentin eats Rappers and Poppers for breakfast. They taste so good. Hot jalapenos and melted cheese in a ball or stick… What more can you ask for early in the morning?

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

7 thoughts on “produzentin cuisine: Rappers and Poppers”

  1. i love the sausage-logo. yummy! and you look like these tiny dogs, i don´t know the name of. great! i thought it was cocker spaniel, but this turned out to be wrong. anyway, i hope you don’t harm your little doggy stomach with all that cheese so early in the morning. 😉
    i wish the food week would last forever. this theme is so me!


  2. that´s so true! she looks like a cute little yorkshire terrier, or an ewok prom queen.

  3. I´m so glad that food won!! Please eat Punkers, Gruftie-Cornflakes and pure New Romantics tomorrow morning!!

    Did you hear that they shot the bear, Prodi? Problem-Bär Bruno is dead. – Don´t tell Nancy…

  4. I´d like to suggest a monthly food-report on!!
    By the way: You look gorgeous dearest Prodi!! (as always, of course..)

  5. krass, der Bär is dead.
    und dabei gehe ich nächste woche in die wildnis um bären zu sehen…

    dearest claude: that is a wonderful idea. foodastic.

  6. ja, dass waren diese irren bayern. die haben den einfach abgeknallt. ich trage trauer…

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