The Votes Are In

“What produzentin eats” won the poll for the next theme week at Buddenbrooks are just a short step behind, so there will be some Buddenbrooks here and there. Egolf just wants to know.

I will start the food week either tomorrow or FridayMonday, depending on how my cooking and grocery shopping adventures go. I will provide the recipes of some of the delicious meals, just to make sure you don’t need naked Jamie Oliver anymore.

And please don’t make me do the next step after food week: What goes down in produzentin’s bathroom (you don’t want to know about her dumps).

I’m glad that I’m not the only one left with love for Mariah and Kanye. At least they got a few votes. Poor things.

food wins

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

One thought on “The Votes Are In”

  1. ich hätte lieber ein paar prince-cover gehört 😦 was soll denn jetzt rauskommen? Vollkornspaghetti und morgens magerquark mit tomaten auf körnerbrot? das kenne ich schon! 🙂 aber ich freu mich trotzdem!

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