Hotnuts 2

I had a wonderful weekend. On Saturday I did a short interview with Vancouver’s Stink Mitt, which I will post soon. These girls are working it.

Saturday night was dj skinny divine’s aka leseighties and my second Hotnuts party. We djed at the packed Beaver and had a great time.

I was wearing my new balloon hat. I knew that it wouldn’t last all night but when a guest burst my bubble I was very mad. So I went to the mic, interrupted beautiful dj skinny divine (who did my brilliant eye make up), and said: “That drunken, black haired bitch better get out of here now, because I’m very mad and I can’t control it”. She had the nerve to step on and walk down the bar. I was raving mad and looking for a drink to pour all over her. Luckily for her, she got thrown out one minute later and I could reclaim my crown. And that was that.

Thanks to Anthony and Bobs for taking the pictures. Watch all of them after the jump.

dj skinny divine and I
dj skinny divine and I

Luis and I

so lovely
dj skinny divine in front of the Beaver

The cat with the hat

That thing was at Hotnuts again! We love IT!

just glasses
Oliver and Matthew

visiting lanada
Bits and Bobs in total L word action

baby, I'm a star
Diva star for real

very butch
Lex on the patio, with the Price Chopper (our beloved supermarket) sign in the back

matching patterns
With a well known passerby on Queen St. W., I didn’t believe him that he runs for major in Toronto but I was told it is true

Author: produzentin

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9 thoughts on “Hotnuts 2”

  1. your balloon hat is fantastic. it looks like an amniotic sac! how did you manage to fix your hair upon it? its just unbelievable!
    skinny divine reminds me a bit of my dearest friend rosetta…
    i love that thing, too! how does it dance? or is it just wallowing on the floor all the time? that would be great. 🙂

  2. dear nancy, sometimes I think you are studying medical science :-), but at times it felt a little bit like I was carrying an alien larva. the hair came out of the hole of the donut shaped balloon. skinny divine said it must be the German engineering that kept the balloon on top of my head.
    That thing is very mysterious, it didn’t talk, but danced all night! And we loved it even more when it was wallowing on the floor.
    mmmhhh schmornüsse.

  3. Ich wette, zum Schluß habt ihr eure geschmorten Nüsse mit dem Hintern vom wallowing Thing geknackt — aproprostata “german engineering” ;)!!!

  4. AC, you are ALWAYS welcome in Toronto.
    I hope to make a trip to Detroit at the end of June
    Looking forward to spend time with you, the sweetest!

  5. Dear Proddy,

    Stop quoting my “finest in German Engineering” without using my name or next time I’ll pop ya myself!!


    ps it is nice to see your freinds comments here!!

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