New York Moments

I am not especially keen on flying but my flight from New York to Toronto was wonderful. Clear and sunny views of Manhattan, the Niagara Falls and Toronto included. I love flying.

Sunday evening we went to Danny Krivit’s birthday party at Pacha. When we left the club a cab stopped conveniently right in front of us. We got in on one side and a man left the car on the other side. As I was the last one to get in the cab, he passed my way. I only noticed him, when he climbed the stairs to Pacha. It was Mel Cheren, whose (very schwül) autobiography I am currently reading, sporting a black bomber jacket with the Paradise Garage logo embroidered on the back.
I was quite tired and not fast enough to talk to him about the book or that I would like to do an interview. Before I got my mind together he vanished into the club.

Mariah's CribSo, I spent the remaining hours of my New York trip stalking Mariah and Yoko.

I guess everyone who reads this site has seen Mariah’s MTV Cribs episode (be sure to watch the bonus footage) as I have mentioned it in 1543 posts. Now see the building where she has a tri-level penthouse from the outside. Its in Tribeca and many thanks to my well informed friend.

Yoko's CribHere are pictures of the Dakota building, where Yoko still has an apartment, and the Strawberry Fields Memorial.

MTV should get her to do a Crib’s episode. This would be so fabulous! I am wondering if she still has John’s glasses, which he was wearing when he was murdered, lying at the windowsill.

Season of Glass.


Imagine Yoko on MTV Cribs

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6 thoughts on “New York Moments”

  1. Hach, die Fans dort, das ist so toll! Bei mir schien Yoko damals nicht zu Hause gewesen zu sein. Ich habe gerufen und gerufen, aber sie ist noch nicht mal ans Fenster gekommen um zu winken! Sehr schade, wenn man schon mal da ist.

  2. hast du eigentlich ein paar erdbeerchen ans memorial gelegt liebste prodi ??!! und ausserdem: pandy ist etwas fantastischem zum thema E.U.L.E. in almaty begegnet!!! soviel steht fest: freu dich schon mal vor und ich raste aus !!!!!!!!!

  3. ich war auch etwas troorig, dass ich sie nicht gesehen habe, wenigstens hinterm fenster oder so.
    und ich war etwas stoffelig am memorial und wollte keine beerchen hinlegen, weil ich ja yoko fanin bin und nicht john oder beatles. ich konnte einfach nicht.

  4. daran habe ich nicht gedacht. vielleicht hätte ich mit einer riesenbeere das ganze memorial verdecken sollen, durch den fan-aufschrei wäre sie dann sicher ans fenster gekommen… oder wie bei einem papstbesuch am balkon erschienen.

  5. Great pictures of the Dakota and Strawberry Fields.. Nice to see a crowd of people around the memorial. Can’t believe you nearly ran into Mel Cheren! West End Records put out a lot of great material. I have to get his book one of these days..

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