Ink my ass

Miami ink me.

Miami Ink is my new favourite TV show. It’s about this tattoo salon in Miami beach. The show is really fantastic. The customers tell a story why the want to get tattooed: For their album release they get the cover art, to remind them of friends and relatives, people choose family pictures, cartoon characters, flowers and a former drag queen gets her drag persona on his manly leg. I feel for the people. It’s deep.
One more good thing: Most of the girls coming to the salon fall in love with her tattooer. I’m totally feeling it.

I need some tats! NOW. Not sure who should do it, ’cause I definitely want to fall in love and check out the back of the salon. Darren Brass seems to be the best choice. “His teddy-bear looks have eased many a first-time client.”
Yes, he could ease my pain away. Yes.

So I have been thinking alot about my tattoo lately. What to get? What to get? Suddenly the music video, that changed my life, came to mind. Dreamlover by Mariah. It made me a fan. Ever since I saw the clip I wanted to live this dream. My friends, my pony, my dog, a hot-air balloon, nature, water, green grass, dancing. This is so me.
And to give the tattoo more of an edge, some images from the Butterfly video can only help. For sure.

Putting this all together the best ink would be a pony tail tattooed on my back. I will bring the little sketches I’ve drawn to the beauty salon. And maybe in the background of the tail a mural with images inspired by the videos. I would ask Kat von D to do a sketch and then decide on the spot. She is the coolest of the guys. I love her.
Now, head over to the Miami Ink shop and get me a koi t-shirt. You know how I love koi. Ink my ass!

Ink my ass.

Try the inky video links: one | two | three

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

4 thoughts on “Ink my ass”

  1. ich kan mich nicht entscheiden, welche tätowierung schöner wäre, die rechte oder die linke? mehr rough oder mehr funky? mehr raw oder mehr curly? und das ganze ist in real auch noch 3d mit wölbungen und haptisch/optisch und so

  2. das ist ja wirklich unglaublich, wie du aufblühst in kanada. jetzt willst du sogar tätowiert werden. wahnsinn! auch wahnsinnig finde ich, dass kat von d polka dots an die schlefe tätowiert hat. dazu fällt mir ein: man kann sich doch auch make up auftätowieren lassen. dann sieht man immer super aus und hat keine arbeit mehr. schonmal darüber nachgedacht? da würde ich vielleicht mitmachen…


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