hot love dolphin

popular, hot and verkifftI’ve been to a Hot Chip concert on Wednesday, where I got this totally verkiffte button. It was super. They rocked the house and their live beats are phatt, eh fat. Check them out while they are on tour.

Courtney Love heads back into the studio and says: “A lot of times rockers are trying to be cool so much they forget that the fundamental job is to be as vulnerable as possible. Really good comedians are sometimes more rock ‘n’ roll than rock ‘n’ rollers.”

What I forgot to tell you about Cuba. I touched a dolphin and it reminded me of washing a very ripe and soft eggplant. The circumstances leading to the touchy touchy are a bit embarrasing, so I can’t reveal them. But it involed me, sitting on a catamaran with an open bar together with lots of people who stayed at a tourist resort hotel thing. The glamour of it all!

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7 thoughts on “hot love dolphin”

  1. Actually, Courtney is not the brightest, as we all know, but “the fundamental job is to be as vulnerable as possible” pleases me very much. –

  2. shit, I don´t wanted to verrat myself with the homepage stuff and thing yknow, shitty shit shit

  3. Komisch, als ich einmal einen Delphin streichelte, in Cattolica an der Adria 1976, war der wie Samt, gar nicht glatt wie eine Eierfrucht, sondern “stoppte” eher. (Vielleicht ein alter Delphin!!??) Also dachte ich, man füttert besser keinen Mantel mit Delphin-Haut. Ich sollte Recht behalten.

  4. liebste michi, deine namen und deine homepage verraten dich nicht, sondern dein on the edge style. kisses.
    oh ich höre grade hot chip singen:
    like a monkey with a miniature cymbal
    the smell of repetition really is in you

  5. Smell of Repetition? Ist das was Gutes oder eher nicht?
    Wann kommst du endlich wieder? Wir frieren so!!!
    (ich muß grade so lachen über einen armen Pudel auf der cuteoverload-Seite. Wahnsinn.)

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