Parlez-vous japonais?

Lake Kawaguchi north of Mount FujiWhat have I gotten myself into?

Ever since I visited Japan a few years ago, I wanted to learn the language. On Tuesday I had my first Japanese course. The classes are in Japanese only, no English, German, whatsoever. I should have learned all the hiragana symbols before class but found that too boring. I thought: They will not use all the symbols in the first lesson, lets focus on the first 25. Bad idea!

After 30 min. we started to use ra and ro symbols which of yourse I didn’t know. Let alone how to write them. I was lost but cheated my way through the rest of the lesson.

The next class is tomorrow and to be prepared I’m hammering the hiragana symbols into my head. For them to stay forever. Period.

For your enjoyment: below are the numbers from 1 to 10 in romanji (spelling in brackets if different) and in hiragana. I’m not sure why 4, 7 and 9 need two different Japanese types. I know nothing. Now, please écoutez et répétez.

Sausage Fest1 – iti (ichi) – いち
2 – ni – に
3 – san – さん
4 – si / yon – し / よん
5 – go – ご
6 – roku – ろく
7 – siti (sichi) / nana – しち / なな
8 – hati (hachi) – はち
9 – ku / kyuu – く / きゅう
10 – zyuu – じゅう

The Club Kids (blurry)

blurry kidsMichael Alig, Leigh Bowery and Amanda Lepore at the Joan Rivers Show in 1990.

(via papermag blogs, who are totally addicted to youtube, but I guess the first posting was over at wowreport, with an intro by James St. James, who’s on the show too)

The young Amanda says: “I don’t have any time to work, cause I’m to busy getting ready all the time or going out.”

More Leigh Bowery movies at The voice overs are a bit spooky but I love the outfits in #2 and #4. (Thanks Brad).

Ink my ass

Miami ink me.

Miami Ink is my new favourite TV show. It’s about this tattoo salon in Miami beach. The show is really fantastic. The customers tell a story why the want to get tattooed: For their album release they get the cover art, to remind them of friends and relatives, people choose family pictures, cartoon characters, flowers and a former drag queen gets her drag persona on his manly leg. I feel for the people. It’s deep.
One more good thing: Most of the girls coming to the salon fall in love with her tattooer. I’m totally feeling it.

I need some tats! NOW. Not sure who should do it, ’cause I definitely want to fall in love and check out the back of the salon. Darren Brass seems to be the best choice. “His teddy-bear looks have eased many a first-time client.”
Yes, he could ease my pain away. Yes.

So I have been thinking alot about my tattoo lately. What to get? What to get? Suddenly the music video, that changed my life, came to mind. Dreamlover by Mariah. It made me a fan. Ever since I saw the clip I wanted to live this dream. My friends, my pony, my dog, a hot-air balloon, nature, water, green grass, dancing. This is so me.
And to give the tattoo more of an edge, some images from the Butterfly video can only help. For sure.

Putting this all together the best ink would be a pony tail tattooed on my back. I will bring the little sketches I’ve drawn to the beauty salon. And maybe in the background of the tail a mural with images inspired by the videos. I would ask Kat von D to do a sketch and then decide on the spot. She is the coolest of the guys. I love her.
Now, head over to the Miami Ink shop and get me a koi t-shirt. You know how I love koi. Ink my ass!

Ink my ass.

Try the inky video links: one | two | three

They call him the Greta Garbo of fashion

I’ve been a fan of his creations for such a long time, I don’t know when it started. But I really got hooked when my dear friend Steffi showed me more of his stuff, especially the cloven-toe boots, which make me feel like a pony everytime I wear them.
Such a treasure.

Anyhoo, the man is very mysterious about himself. Hasn’t done an interview in 20 years. No photos. Finally, he has been stalked.

My favourtite fashion blog, paperblog, has a picture of Martin Margiela as he enters Maison Margiela in Paris.

Movies that will corrupt you

I love the blotchesCurated by John Waters. The list of movies is availabe at Here TV (text link), where the flicks will be shown with an introduction by John:
“Have faith in your own bad taste and see a fucked up movie.”

Be sure to watch the trailer for the series and tell me how many Comme des Garçons outfits John is wearing.

hot love dolphin

popular, hot and verkifftI’ve been to a Hot Chip concert on Wednesday, where I got this totally verkiffte button. It was super. They rocked the house and their live beats are phatt, eh fat. Check them out while they are on tour.

Courtney Love heads back into the studio and says: “A lot of times rockers are trying to be cool so much they forget that the fundamental job is to be as vulnerable as possible. Really good comedians are sometimes more rock ‘n’ roll than rock ‘n’ rollers.”

What I forgot to tell you about Cuba. I touched a dolphin and it reminded me of washing a very ripe and soft eggplant. The circumstances leading to the touchy touchy are a bit embarrasing, so I can’t reveal them. But it involed me, sitting on a catamaran with an open bar together with lots of people who stayed at a tourist resort hotel thing. The glamour of it all!

Postcards from Havana

Back in Toronto from our little Cuba holiday.

I love the Havana street life. To cool me off from all the hot guys, we drove around with Coco movil. But then, the drivers were hot, too. There was no escape.

First picture taken from the balcony of Casa Aurora (that’s where we stayed in Havana), overlooking Plaza del Cristo and the Capitolo Nacional.
Third picture taken at the Museo de los Orishas. More on Santeria.

View from Casa Aurora by husain.deCoco movil, the way to go.Hug me.