Leroy Burgess: Over Like A Fat Rat

Loogging HotI am on the Leroy Burgess trip.

Leroy started as a singer, writer, producer of R&B and disco records in the Seventies. I discovered him through listening to a Larry Levan remix of Logg’s – I Know You Will. Leroy was a band member and producer of Logg.

Then I really got into the Levan remix of Weekend by Class Action, which was originally recorded by Phreek, a studio band of Leroy. The Weekend record was heavily sampled or resung. I bet you all heard “Tonight is partytime, it’s partytime tonight” (just listen to Missy’s latest album, The Cookbook, track Partytime).

This started my research and I found these two highly recommended compilations by Leroy: Anthology 1 – The Singer and Anthology 2 – The Producer. Off the later one, the song “Over Like A Fat Rat” immediately caught my attention.
Now, there is a fantastic 3 part interview with Leroy at the Red Bull Music Academy pages, giving a good overview on all his works. In part 2 he talks about the meaning of Over Like A Fat Rat (scroll down), with the lyrics that I like so much:

Get over like a fat rat, piece in a pie, bugs in a row, we never stop, we get over like a fat rat, snugged as hug in your arms.

The singer of Fat Rat, Fonda Rae, had an earlier hit with Touch Me (All Night Long), which was covered by Cathy Dennis in the Nineties.

I have been a Leroy fan longer than I known it myself. As a singer he was featured on the Chez Damier produced deep house record, Your Love. No. 1 on my charts in November 2004.

Buy the anthologies: CA, DE.

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7 thoughts on “Leroy Burgess: Over Like A Fat Rat”

  1. yes, leroy is dope! do you know “release yourself” from aleem?
    burges is the singer of this group and this track (marley marl dub)
    is totaly awesome….yeah! You can download it at: …. but psssssst
    [audio src="http://djspinnercee.servemp3.com:20415/Vinyl/2/Aleem-ReleaseYourself.MarleyMarlDub.mp3" /]
    name: happy
    Pass: newyear

  2. oh ja. over like a fat rat von fonda rae.
    hör dir mal das erste stück von whirlpool “dense music” an, “ja”.
    i’m talking about das klaviersample ;o)


    ### j

  3. Hai
    Is it possible to e- mail me five of your best choice, i have problems downloading

  4. Where do I find the complete lyrics for Over like a Fat Rat? As I’m looking at the lyrics that are posted on this page I realize that my ear is not hearing with precision. I want to do the song justice – sing the correct lyrics.


    LA Banks

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