Countdown To Lockdown

How can you not like Lil’ Kim? She has all these great looks. And now she gets her own reality TV show. Sadly, its about the last two weeks before she goes to jail, called Countdown to lockdown. Starts March 9 on BET. Of course I’m going to watch this.
(via chrisafer)

I heard she mad rich, I heard she dead broke, I heard she sniffin’ coke
Shut Up Bitch
I heard she goin to jail, I heard she out on bail, She done fucked up now
Shut Up Bitch
Why she get her nosed fixed, Why she got bigger tits,
Man get off my girls shit
Shut Up Bitch

Shut Up Bitch by Lil’ Kim

ms. jones

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

3 thoughts on “Countdown To Lockdown”

  1. ja, sie gab einen meineid ab. ich hoffe nicht, dass ihr die menschen jetzt immer LüGNERIN nachrufen.

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