10 thoughts on “Time Goes By”

  1. ja, sehr lustig. am besten finde ich wenn, sie an dieser silberfolienwand langtanzt. natürlich viel besser als das original…


  2. Ich wünsche mir einen Battle zwischen den süßen Girls aus dem Video und Tämur, Toffi und Dir aus Viola’s Video!

  3. gracias, malo! auf der website gibt es auch noch ein tolles madonna inspiriertes cd cover… jetzt will ich vielleicht doch spanisch lernen!

  4. dear prodi, ich würde mir übrigens so sehr wünschen, dass du bei last.fm durchstartest, damit ich deine loved tracks endlich mal rund um die uhr hören kann!

  5. lieber malo, ich habe angst, dass ich durch last.fm zu einer gläsernen hörerin werde. vielleicht werde ich aber demnächst vorsichtig anfangen…

  6. hello! I can traslate de lyrics.
    she said this: times gous by so slowly, times gous by with Loli(it´s a name of a girl, Dolores)Comes with Loli!
    I´m the earthquake and come from Alcorcón
    and today I´m here to promotion
    I´m sell you this videoclip, girl, of aerobics, it´s thouthg, my life, for you!
    All gilrs ready we are going to warm it leave the ” bocata”( sandwich) jet!, six flexions, four palms and one abdominal, and now to relax!
    Times gous by so slowly
    times gous by with Loli
    I do not want to do
    you come to my gym, do not think any more, calm, you are not going to slim, If you sweat a bit, then it necessary to eat,I´m going to support you
    Mosquera, and Campos(two fat famous)come to my gym, I give then notions of aerobics.
    Whenever you pay the monthly salary,I will give you ” Fabada Litoral” ( it´s a food)
    Ring, ring, ring, the telephon sounds, a prostitute dance it wants to sing, looks, beatiful, stops being a nuisance, call me wiht twenty kilos of more.
    And sheathe the heater, put your leotards, I ask for it you please!
    I want to be Bimba Bosé ( a model) but only I have managed to be Aramis Fuster (horrible witch, fortune-teller)
    Lives the stoutness!, aupa the float (it´s a expression refered to the fatness) fuck! deception goes!
    The american have seen the results, I have work up to in New York
    I´m the earthqueake of Alcorcón, and today I´m here to promotion, If you sweat a bit then it necessary to eat, calm, I´m going to sopport you!
    I´m the earthquake ( bis)
    times gous by so slowly
    times gous by with Loli
    with Loly!!

    Sorry for the errors, i´m spanish and i don´t konw very good english! bye!

  7. Roberto, you are so sweet. Thank you very much.
    I want to invite you for dinner and we can sweat a bit.

  8. hi roberto
    thankyou for doing this as i saw terremoto in madrid last mardi gras.
    i thought she was very funny and have been a fan ever since,i have just come back from madrid again where my friends showed me this new video they copyed it for me but alas dose not work so will have to down load.
    long live terremoto.
    i hope you are well.
    from christian in london

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