I am a little bit addicted to The streaming videos made my Sunday.

Reno 911

Here are some clips of my favourite comedy TV series, Reno 911:
Jim Dangle buying new boots
Sky diver
Assistance call with a dog

Kate Bush

Rocket Man music video
This is one of my favourite Kate videos ever. Another evidence that a wind machine is always good.

Kate performing Kite and Wuthering Heights live at German TV show, Bio’s Bahnhof, February 1978
Love her dancing at the end of Kite. She wears the same dress at this rare “Red Dress Version” of the Wuthering Heights music video, filmed in the woods. Youtube has a lot of TV apperances by Kate, just do a search.

Pete Burns

Pete moves into the Celebrity Big Brother UK house. Auch etwas krass.
There are more BB clips of him. He is the best.

Mariah Carey

MTV Cribs – Part I, II and III
Her famous MTV cribs episode. Don’t miss her shoe room in part III.


Electric Intercourse
Live performance at First Avenue, Minneapolis on August 3rd 1983. Electric intercourse is a Purple Rain outtake and has never been released on any album. I love this song.

Vanity 6 – He’s So Dull
I’ve written about the video a few weeks ago.

MC Froggy – My Dumps

This is not on but on Peaches MySpace profile. On Friday night, I’ve been to the last monthly Vazaleen party. We had a great night and the DJ played this super version of My Humps. Enjoy.


Wallfurniture: I love it!My Toronto friends over at Dorkenwald-Spitzer design great wallfurniture. Take it with you everywhere you go. And don’t worry about excess luggage. When you arrive at your new place, just unpack and decorate your walls. Done. You are at home.

So, we’re thinking about getting the wallfurniture to the left. That way, we would even have a little kitty cat at our apartment. Lovely.

In more Dorkenwald-Spitzer news, their ‘The Tallest Man’ t-shirt recently won the droog competition.
I am so looking forward to wrap myself in 2.72 meters of fun! You can find a picture of the t at their homepage.

Go to their store and get some wallfurniture.

100 Questions for Mariah

German SZ Magazine has 100 Questions for Mariah. I want to use these cards, too. But I don’t want Sprechpausen. (via my dear friend Bobby)

No. 49 Bei Ihren sagenumwobenen Vocal Rests (Sprechpausen, bei denen Sie Ihre Stimme schonen) halten Sie Papptafeln hoch. Die ulkigsten Botschaften auf diesen Tafeln?


Hot Tamale.
(Hot Tamale, sprich “Hot Tamali”. Eine typische Mariah-Begrifflichkeit, die so viel wie “besonders, schick, sexy, außergewöhnlich, glamourös” bedeutet und erst durch inflationären Gebrauch, vor allem in bedeutungsleeren oder unpassenden Situationen, ihren Witz und Charme entfaltet.)

Erspare mir die Einzelheiten.
(Spare me the details.)

Countdown To Lockdown

How can you not like Lil’ Kim? She has all these great looks. And now she gets her own reality TV show. Sadly, its about the last two weeks before she goes to jail, called Countdown to lockdown. Starts March 9 on BET. Of course I’m going to watch this.
(via chrisafer)

I heard she mad rich, I heard she dead broke, I heard she sniffin’ coke
Shut Up Bitch
I heard she goin to jail, I heard she out on bail, She done fucked up now
Shut Up Bitch
Why she get her nosed fixed, Why she got bigger tits,
Man get off my girls shit
Shut Up Bitch

Shut Up Bitch by Lil’ Kim

ms. jones


Finally, the dot com bubble burst above produzentin.
Welcome to!

Firp created the wonderful maple leafs for the Canadian version of the produzentin logo. Desktop versions will be available soon.

At the same time, I have upgraded to WordPress2.0.
Please send me an email, if you get any errors.

And if you really want to know what I’ve been listening to lately, check my page. If you sign up with them you can stream lots of the songs and listen to produzentin radio. Guess who’s number one on my list.

produzentin private: Queen West

Queensproduzentin just moved to the popular Queen West neighborhood in Toronto, named after its main strip, Queen Street West. It’s a little bit like Berlin Mitte 1995. Galleries and cafes are just around the corner.

And so is the Centre of Addiction and Mental Health. Because of its house number, people would say, take me to 999. So the number was changed to 1001, to give it a more optimistic vibe.

What I love about Toronto is all things related to the Queen. It started with the ride from the airport to downtown. I adored the little crowns on the highway signs.

All hail the Queen!

My favorite cafe so far is Clafouti. Very french. Love the name. French pudding. Mmmh.