Top Ten January 2005

Die Charts für Januar.

Something always takes the place of
Missing pieces, you can take it
Would you get down even
Though you know there’s something missing

Missing by Beck.

  1. Beck – Guero – Demo Album – Geffen
  2. Justus Köhncke – Doppelleben – Album (ganz besonders: Alles Nochmal) – Kompakt
  3. Robag Wruhme – K.T.B. (Ruhig Brauner Remix) – Sonar Kollektiv
  4. Platnum – Sweet City (Soulphiction Remix) – Sonar Kollektiv
  5. Sara Devine – Take Me Home (MAW Vocal Dub Mix) – Giant Step
  6. Scissor Sisters – Take Me Out – Polydor (if I had a DVD chart, their “We Are Scissor Sisters And So Are You” would be #1)
  7. John Dahlbäck – Stage Diver – Systematic
  8. Dntel – (This Is) The Dream Of Evan And Chan (Safety Scissors Spilled My Drink Mix) – Plug Research
  9. Mariah – It’s Like That – MonarC
  10. LCD Soundsystem Album – DFA

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