Save & Sound

  1. Chez Damier feat. Leroy Burgess – Your Love (Lifted Me Up) (Deep Vocal Mix) – Trackmode
  2. Radio Slave – Bang Bang – Rekid
  3. Ada – Each And Everyone (Blindhouse) – Areal
  4. The Soft Pink Truth – Do You Want New Wave Or Do You Want The Soft Pink Truth? (Album) – Soundslike
  5. Geiger – Hear My Train Coming (from Made In Home #2 EP) – Firm
  6. Jordan Dare – No Future (from Day In Day Out EP) – White Leather
  7. Loretta Lynn – One’s On The Way – MCA Nashville
  8. Kiko & S Deschezeaux – Sado Disco (from Total Gaz EP) – Turbo
  9. Woody Braun & Allonymous – Finding Words Ain’t Easy (freaksfindingsoundsredo) – Most
  10. 16B – Doubt (Brooks’ Slickquickfix Mix) – Hooj

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

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